Protect your system and the surrounding wildlife.

Get reliable, long-lasting protection from animal induced outages.

TE Connectivity offers a wide range of Raychem products designed for protection.

Over 25% of all power outages are caused by wildlife and vegetation interfering with electrical equipment. Most wildlife and vegetation induced outages can be prevented by installing TE’s Raychem insulating solutions. These highly dependable solutions can decrease outages and protect equipment and wildlife for a minimal investment.

Network Reliability & Preventable Outages

Possums, birds, rats, snakes and even squirrels are all capable of causing power outages. Animals climb around substations; birds perch on transformers; they are seeking a safe, warm place to shelter and nest. Even small birds or rodents can cause problems by attracting larger predators.

The interaction between wildlife and electrical equipment can have multiple outcomes from electrocution, to faults, to wildfires. These occur when wildlife cause a phase to phase or phase to ground fault with their body. TE Connectivity’s products can reduce fire risk related to wildlife and vegetation clashing with your substation or overhead lines.

Anywhere Durability

TE’s proprietary material formulations offer anywhere durability – even in HV-polluted environments. Made from non-tracking material, TE’s line of Raychem Wildlife and Asset Protection products is optimized to ensure tracking resistance, thermal endurance, and UV resistance for high performance protection of your assets throughout their service lifetime. This “install and forget” reliability is the result of 60+ years of dedication to research, development and materials science. TE’s team of experts is ready to support you with a broad range of insulation solutions that are customizable to your specific application and set-up.

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