Protect your distribution network. Keep the power on.

Increase the reliability of your grid with cable accessories powered by innovation.

Power cable accessories by TE Connectivity upgrade your underground, overhead and substation systems

Reliable power supply is the backbone of the energy industry. If a single joint fails underground, it could lead to several hours of network downtime. A leaking termination may cause ground contamination. TE Raychem cold shrink power joints and terminations have over 15 years of proven field service and are designed to suit a broad range of applications, cable and conductor types.
With a pre-expanded silicone rubber body, CSJA splices are an all-in-one solution for a smooth installation experience and a compact design for use on 1/C shielded power cables (15-35 kV). They are compatible with both mechanical and compression connectors.
CST Cold Shrink Terminations are designed for polymeric cables up to 42 kV following CENELEC HD 629.1, and up to 35 kV accordingly to IEEE 404. They feature a hydrophobic silicone material that repels water and provides fire, high weathering, UV, and ozone resistance, making them suitable for indoor (CSTI) and outdoor (CSTO) applications.


All-in-one solution engineered for smooth installation with tape shield, wire shield, LC shield, UniShield, JCN and flat strap shielded cables

CSTI Indoor Cold Shrink Terminations

Designed for indoor use, their components are pre-expanded on an easy-to-remove spiral holdout, allowing installation in compact environments

CSTO Outdoor Cold Shrink Terminations

Designed for outdoor use, they offer a reliable, fast and easy-to-install system with high weathering, UV and ozone resistance

Field Proven Cold Shrink Technology

TE Connectivity – the pioneer of heat shrink – has developed top-tier cold applied products suitable for applications where torches are not preferred. TE’s rich history of performance and reliability has enabled them to go beyond heat shrink technology and offer a complete range of cold shrink solutions for virtually every cable type and size.
Their line of medium voltage cold shrink cable accessories provides a complete solution, with splices as and terminations built for simplicity, performance and reliability.

One Connectivity Partner

TE Connectivity offers much more than cold shrink cable accessories. From generation, to transmission, to distribution, to wherever energy is needed, TE is your one-stop-shop with a broad portfolio of cable accessories, connectors and fittings, surge arresters, insulation and protection covers, metering and installation training.
TE can assist you in optimizing the service-life of your assets and avoiding the costly consequences of underground failures, animal-induced outages, materials tracking, flashovers, and other issues across the energy landscape.