RACOM is a primary producer of cellular routers/modems, radio modems and microware links, the company was found in 1989, RACOM has their own production lines for assembling printed circuit boards, and mechanical manufacturing. Their products are designed to meet and exceed the industrial design requirements in Oil and gas, Water, Power utilities, Mining, Transportation industries.

They always place maximum emphasis on quality and reliability by using premium components that are sourced directly from manufactures or authorized dealers. Quality Control is applied at each production step and final products are tested in a climatic chamber.

Featured RACOM Products:

RipEX Radio Modem

RipEX is an industrial grade radio modem platform, renowned for overall data throughout in any real time environment. All models have been designed with attention to detail, performance, and quality. With State-of-the-art concepts fully implemented, we rightly have the status of market leaders in our field.

The 1st generation was introduced to the market in 2011, and is now used in thousands of installations and has developed the reputation of ‘best-in-class’.  The 2nd generation radio was released in 2019, setting a new standard and providing significant improvements in data speed, security features and interfaces, with the possibility to add expansion-cards for GPS, LTE- and IoT-capabilities.

Product Lines:


M!DGE cellular routers are primary designed for SCADA & Telemetry applications at critical infrastructure like Power and Water Utilities and Oil & Gas. They are also well suited to many other applications where high reliability is required, such as POS, ATM, Lottery and Security.

M!DGE2, the 2nd generation of M!DGE, is the top equipment for SCADA communication if a Cellular network is required. It supports two cellular networks which can increase the reliability by switching from one operator to another.

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