PUPI Fiberglass Crossarms and Components

PUPI® fiberglass crossarms and components have been used successfully by leading electrical utilities around the world since 1990.  PUPI continues to earn a market-leading position by investing in Technology, Engineering and a Service Model tailored specifically to meet the needs of our utility customers.  Innovations such as a thermally bonded UV coating and internal torque resistant bushings make PUPI fiberglass components the industry standard for reliability and long-term return on investment.

Featured PUPI – Transmission and Distribution Products:

Transmission Products


The most comprehensive line of fiberglass transmission crossarms and braces available.

PUPI® is the leader in fiberglass crossarms for the electrical utilities industry. Available for H-frame structures, PUPI® transmission crossarms and braces are engineered for maximum strength and consistent performance in a wide-range of standard and made-to-order configurations. With exclusive SunGUARD® UV resistant coating and TorqueGUARD bushings, PUPI crossarms are proven to withstand the elements better than wood, steel or other composite beams – in any climate! Our PUPI H-Frame product line has been deliberately designed to be easy and intuitive to install.

Davit Arms

Superior Electrical Performance – PUPI® fiberglass composite davit arms provide a reliable solution for applications that historically use laminated wood or steel materials. The PUPI davit arm is also a great replacement for the standard steel davit because of the improved BIL & electrical margin offered by a fiberglass product – while also reducing faults from lightning, flashover, and wildlife.

The PUPI standard duty davit arm is an excellent fit for applications requiring medium to heavy conductor loads, or where grid hardening considerations are paramount.

Davit arms are designed for RUS TU-1, TU-1A, and TU-1AA type constructions of 4′ to 9′ lengths. A full range of mount and end-of-arm options are available to support your specific requirements.


Maximize the effectiveness of your lines.

Placing distribution lines on the same pole as transmission voltage circuits help Utilities maximize the efficacy of their poles and line designs. Fiberglass underbuild crossarms provide a reliable and maintenance free solution, which is also lightweight and easy to install.

PUPI® has a wide array of crossarms specifically designed around the requirements of monopole transmission structures, providing line designers the confidence of an engineered product with a 60+ year service life.

Standard RUS constructions including TS-1, TSS-1, and TPS-1 are available; as are a wide offering of custom configurations.

Lattice Tower/Truss.

Lattice Towers, also known as Trusses, have historically been made of steel. PUPI offers fiberglass components to replace steel which creates many benefits for Utilities.

  • Fiberglass is inherently non-conductive – safer for lineman and wildlife.
  • Non-Corrosive qualities of fiberglass maintain the integrity of the structure.
  • Superior B.I.L. helps to withstand surge voltages to protect line equipment in the system.
  • Fiberglass is significantly lighter than steel which makes for easier installation.

Distribution Products

Tangent Crossarms

Experience the durability and reliability of PUPI® tangent crossarms.

Pick one up and you’ll see and feel the difference compared to wood or other composite crossarms. PUPI® tangent crossarms weigh significantly less than wood crossarms—with up to six times the strength. A closed-cell polyurethane foam fill provides lightweight, field drillable stability that also prevents moisture and contamination from entering the crossarm. From our industry leading UV protection to our internal bushings, PUPI tangent crossarms are built to last.

This longevity provides a positive total cost of ownership over the life of the crossarm.

Available in centermount, braced, and alley arm applications.