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In a market that demands a supply, Rexel Utility combines the strength of manufacturers and a comprehensive inventory to meet the specific needs of each project.


Contain, Lift, Transport & Store Oil-Leaking Equipment With ABG’s BOB® Single-Use Pole-Mounted Transformer Bags!

ABG has developed multiple products to solve safety and environmental issues with electric utility linemen, including the Original, Multi-Use Pole and Pad-Mounted ABG TCB® Transformer Bags. The partnership between ABG and linemen over the years has now resulted in the release of our latest product, ABG BOB®.

ABG BOB® is a Single-Use, economically priced, Pole-Mounted Transformer Bag solution for the electric utility industry.


Introducing the BURNDY® PAT750T3 Series with all the exceptional features of its PATRIOT predecessor, plus a new ergonomic design and state of the art technology.

The TRACK TRACE TRANSMIT intelligence feature provides critical crimping information for all projects. Data collected by the PAT750T3 provides users a new level of confidence that their BURNDY® crimper is performing to specification and enhances the application
of the BURNDY® Engineered System.

TRACK crimp locations with onboard GPS – BURNDY® Exclusive!
TRACE individual crimps with comments and output force validation
TRANSMIT via Bluetooth® technology and sync to the cloud


Experience the durability and reliability of PUPI® tangent crossarms.

Pick one up and you’ll see and feel the difference compared to wood or other composite crossarms. PUPI® tangent crossarms weigh significantly less than wood crossarms—with up to six times the strength. A closed-cell polyurethane foam fill provides lightweight, field drillable stability that also prevents moisture and contamination from entering the crossarm. From our industry leading UV protection to our internal bushings, PUPI tangent crossarms are built to last.

This longevity provides a positive total cost of ownership over the life of the crossarm.

Available in centermount, braced, and alley arm applications.


The Smart Navigator 2.0 continuously monitors the over-head line and provides measured values and fault information to the control room.  This enables engineers (or automated alorithms) to initiate immediate switching and circuit restoration decisions.

The indicator is a self-powered sensor that harvests its power supply from the overhead line.  Power is stored in a rechargeable lithium cell for the period with low or no load current.  Each unit is simply and securely clipped onto a phase conductor of the overhead line.  A set of three units at each monitored location consists of one master and two satellite units.  The master communicates via cellular networks directly to SCADA without the need for a pole-mounted box.

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