Hendrix Molded Products

Hendrix Molded Products is a leader in the design and engineering of molded polymer medium voltage polymer insulators and avian protection. Our work strengthens and supports the electric power infrastructure of countries around the world.

Featured Hendrix Molded Product:

Vice-Top Pin Insulators

Hendrix Vise-Top Insulators are pin-type insulators that incorporate a clamping mechanism into the top of the insulator to provide quick and easy conductor installation without the need for additional tie products.

Vise-Top insulators are molded from a proprietary blend of gray, track resistant, high density polyethylene. They are designed for use with all conductor sizes and types (aluminum, copper or covered) and are available for systems with nominal voltage ratings of 15KV, 25KV, and 35KV. When using covered conductors, it is recommended that HPI Insulators always be used in order to match the dielectric properties of the insulating materials.

Vise-Top insulators mount on standard insulator pins and conform with the electrical and mechanical requirements of ANSI C29.5 and C29.6. When used with the VTST-1 Stringing Tool, conductors can be installed without separate stringing blocks, significantly reducing installation costs.

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