Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

The new way to handle aerial cable

Distribution systems around the world face 3 critical threats: obsolete thinking, legacy infrastructure, and intensifying storm activity. Hendrix combines a new generation of high performance products with super-responsive service and advanced engineering to answer the challenge.

Service & engineering that shortens design time

Hendrix ACS puts capabilities in the field thatincrease the speed to design. We have the technology to capture and analyze all the data related to a problem and specify a solution with zero delay. Then we orchestrate the people, products and equipment to deliver a precise, seamless solution.

Featured Hendrix ACS Product:

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69kV Hendrix Spacer Cable Transmission

Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of a 69kV Hendrix Spacer Cable Transmission Solution

Reduced ROW – Increased ROI – Environmental Protection

69kV Solution

Our 69kV Spacer Cable Systems originated 20+ years ago and have a proven performance record. Its close triangular configuration allows for multiple circuits on a pole and improved voltage regulation.

This system is ideal for utility and industrial projects where the following issues need to be addressed:

  • Installations in congested areas such as substations
  • Reduced electrical clearance requirements to buildings and structures
  • Reduced right-of-way costs
  • Improved SAIDI and SAIFI indices
  • Reduce storm related outages
  • Environmental concerns regarding wildlife and foliage
  • Technical concerns including load, voltage, load growth, and more
  • Reduced outage repair costs
  • Reducing lost revenue

 Key spacer cable features

  • Hendrix spacer cable has three layers of polymers to provide superior BIL, AC Withstand, and control of charging current on the outside jacket.
  • The three layers include:
    • SC strand shield designed to minimize electric stresses, improve BIL, and lengthen useful service life
    • Unfilled HMWPE middle layer for electrical properties, as well as low density for easier stripability
    • An HDPE outer layer with high track resistance, UV stability, and high abrasion resistance to protect the cable from the environment
WEBINAR on High Voltage Conductors – 69kV and 115kV Spacer Cable Solution

Hendrix Tree Wire

Tree wire is covered open wire supported on polyethylene insulators.


  • Covering prevents faults due to contact
  • Proprietary, high density outer layer resists abrasion, electrical tracing and UV degradation
  • Reduced NESC phase spacing due to high impulse strength covering
  • Pole hardware is the same as bare wire construction except that Hendrix polyethylene insulators are required

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