Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

The new way to handle aerial cable

Distribution systems around the world face 3 critical threats: obsolete thinking, legacy infrastructure, and intensifying storm activity. Hendrix combines a new generation of high performance products with super-responsive service and advanced engineering to answer the challenge.

Service & engineering that shortens design time

Hendrix ACS puts capabilities in the field thatincrease the speed to design. We have the technology to capture and analyze all the data related to a problem and specify a solution with zero delay. Then we orchestrate the people, products and equipment to deliver a precise, seamless solution.

Featured Hendrix ACS Product:

69kV Hendrix Spacer Cable Transmission

Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of a 69kV Hendrix Spacer Cable Transmission Solution

Reduced ROW – Increased ROI – Environmental Protection

69kV Solution

Our 69kV Spacer Cable Systems originated 20+ years ago and have a proven performance record. Its close triangular configuration allows for multiple circuits on a pole and improved voltage regulation.

This system is ideal for utility and industrial projects where the following issues need to be addressed:

  • Installations in congested areas such as substations
  • Reduced electrical clearance requirements to buildings and structures
  • Reduced right-of-way costs
  • Improved SAIDI and SAIFI indices
  • Reduce storm related outages
  • Environmental concerns regarding wildlife and foliage
  • Technical concerns including load, voltage, load growth, and more
  • Reduced outage repair costs
  • Reducing lost revenue

 Key spacer cable features

  • Hendrix spacer cable has three layers of polymers to provide superior BIL, AC Withstand, and control of charging current on the outside jacket.
  • The three layers include:
    • SC strand shield designed to minimize electric stresses, improve BIL, and lengthen useful service life
    • Unfilled HMWPE middle layer for electrical properties, as well as low density for easier stripability
    • An HDPE outer layer with high track resistance, UV stability, and high abrasion resistance to protect the cable from the environment

Hendrix Tree Wire

Tree wire is covered open wire supported on polyethylene insulators.


  • Covering prevents faults due to contact
  • Proprietary, high density outer layer resists abrasion, electrical tracing and UV degradation
  • Reduced NESC phase spacing due to high impulse strength covering
  • Pole hardware is the same as bare wire construction except that Hendrix polyethylene insulators are required

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