Eaton provides a range of power delivery, automation and control, metering and demand response solutions with its Power series products to increase efficiency and support smart operations. Eaton serves customers in the commercial, utility, mining, industrial, manufacturing, renewable energy and other markets.

Featured Eaton Power System:

Distribution Arresters

Eaton offers a full-range of polymer housed surge arresters for low-voltage, normal-duty, heavy-duty, and heavy-duty riser pole applications.

Elbow Arresters

Eaton’s Premolded rubber elbows provide overvoltage system protection. The design of the DirectConnect elbow arrester saves you money on direct material costs and reduces overall labor expenses.

IEEE Deadbreak Connectors

Eaton offers a complete 200 kV BIL deadbreak connector system including T-bodies, insulating plugs, junction, caps, reducing tap plugs and transformer bushings. Combining the 200 kV BIL deadbreak system with Cooper Power Systems 200 kV nameplate rated transformer means no longer sacrificing system protection due to limited component ratings.

Loadbreak Connectors

Eaton’s 200 A 15, 25, and 35 kV Loadbreak Elbow Connectors and Accessories are submersible, fully-shielded and insulated plug-in terminations, ideal for connecting underground cable to transformers, switchgear, sectionalizing cabinets and junctions. These connectors are molded using high-quality, peroxide-cured EPDM insulation for reliable field performance.

Sectionalizing Equipment

Eaton’s Cooper Power™ series versatile single and three-phase SecTER™ sectionalizing terminals are designed as cable sectionalizing centers, or as permanent or temporary transformer pad covers. The new designs now accommodate both traditional and Eaton’s Cooper Power series Cleer™ connector to fit all your single-and three-phase sectionalizing needs

Current-Limiting Fusing

Eaton offers the largest, most economical selection of surge arrester and fusing equipment for overhead and underground usage. When it comes to fusing equipment, Eaton provides solutions for overhead, enclosure-mounted, underground, and vaulted applications.

Fuse Links

Eaton’s Cooper Power™ series fuse links can be applied to a variety of applications requiring overcurrent protection of distribution systems and equipment. When properly coordinated with other overcurrent protective devices, sectionalizing to isolate faulted feeder branches or equipment can be accomplished. Kearney fuse links are available in a variety of types offering a wide selection of operating characteristics.

Power Fuses

For system and asset protection – Eaton’s clip/hinge mount fuses include the CMU Medium Voltage Power Fuse as well as the ELG and JOE E-Rated Current-Limiting Power Fuses. Other power fuses include under-oil versions designed to operate in fluid-filled distribution apparatus.