Q1:  I am getting a new Invoice coming from Rexel Utility, a Division of Rexel Canada Electrical Inc. Who is this?

A:  Rexel Canada Inc. acquired Rexel Utility on Feb 1st, 2021. The new company name is Rexel Utility, a Division of Rexel Canada Electrical Inc. There will be a transition period of 90 days while we move through this change.

Q2:  Where and to whom do I make payment during this conversion time?

A:  In the short term, we will continue to accept payments to the current ‘address’, ‘PO box’ or ‘EFT’ you have on file. We ask that remit information is adjusted in your system to that shown in the welcome letter. If you require a ‘Supplier Setup’ form completed, send the document to the Credit Management department.

This new information is for your Rexel Utility account only. If you have another account with Wesco, please continue to make payment to Wesco.

Q3:  When I do make payments, I currently pay both my Rexel Utility account and my regular Wesco account on the same payment. What changes are needed?

A:  You will have to split the payment into two separate payments. Your Utility payment must now be made to Rexel Utility as per the provided information, your other regular Wesco payment will continue to be made to Wesco.

Q4:  I am already an existing customer with Rexel (Westburne and Nedco). Are separate payments required at this time?

A:  Yes, please make separate payments at this time; 1 for your Rexel Utility account, and the other for your Westburne and/or Nedco account.

Q5:  Will my payment terms change during the transition and after the transition is complete?

A:  Please continue to pay within the terms agreed to for your account. Your terms will remain the same.

Q6:  Do I have a new A/R contact from Rexel Utility?

A:  We want to provide our customers with a smooth transition, as we will continue to operate on the Wesco WESNET system during the transition period. A Rexel employee from the credit department will be in charge of the follow-up of your account, coordinating the transition with Wesco credit department.

Q7:  Who can I contact regarding an Accounts Receivable or invoicing issue?

A:  Your usual contact at the branch are here to support you, please continue to liaise with them. You can also contact your usual contact in the Credit Dpt at Wesco or the Rexel Utility Credit Dpt (, we are working together to provide to our customers community a smooth transition.

Q8:  Will my account number change?

A:  For the next 90 days, your account number will remain the same. In case of any changes after this transition period on account number, we will proactively communicate to you any updates and future change so that you can anticipate it on your side.

Q9:  Are there any changes to the return and restocking policies?

A:  There won’t be any changes to the return and restocking policies, please continue to liaise with your usual contacts at the branch.

Q10: Are there any changes in regards to how payments are made to Rexel Utility?

A: As per the above letter, Rexel Utility accepts EFT or wire payments, along with payment by cheque. If you are currently using one of these methods, then no change is necessary.

Q11: I need to update my address or invoicing information. Do I send it over to Rexel Utility?

A: During the initial 90 days, any Customer Master Data changes for your Rexel Utility account must be submitted to and we will coordinate the changes with the Wesco Credit Department.

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