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CARGILL – FR3® fluid

Superior fluid means no compromise

FR3 fluid by Cargill® is the world’s first and leading natural ester dielectric fluid. Tested and validated in the field, it has reliably outperformed mineral oil in distribution and power generation transformers of all voltage classes worldwide for over 25 years.

Made from >95% vegetable oil and 100% biodegradable within as little as 10 days, FR3 fluid can be your smartest choice – you won’t compromise between generating business profit, enabling flexible and reliable performance, serving people in your community, and benefiting the planet.

25+ years validated, tested and proven in millions of installations worldwide

Deliver more to your business

FR3 fluid’s special properties mean that:
• Transformers can increase their load capacity
• Insulation paper can last longer
• The transformer footprint can be smaller
• Fire risk is dramatically lower
And all this can mean money back in your pocket.

Find cost savings

Deliver improved performance

Choosing FR3 fluid for your transformers means:
• Your grid gains flexible load capacity without sacrificing transformer life or resiliency
• Your transformers will have reduced risk of dielectric failure with extended lifespans
This means that power will continue to flow in your community when people need it the most.

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Deliver on safety and sustainability commitments

Transformers containing FR3 fluid help protect your community and environment, since:
• There’s a significantly lower risk of fire or explosion, with a lower risk of damage to equipment and people
• Your transformers can accommodate simpler containment and spill remediation
• FR3 fluid is nonhazardous in soil and water, unlike mineral oil
This means improved safety for both people and the planet.

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